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Wow. Great job buttburner and Shirley fab.

Email sent .
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Yes what farmer said!!

I to have sent Shirly Fab an e-mail thanking them!!
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Thanks for the volunteer work you do and I must say this only adds to the great reputation of Shirley Fabrication.
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Good to see they notice the great things your doing for others! Nice to see great companies do things like this congrats and thanks for all you do for others!
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thanks for the kind words!


now I am becoming involved with feeding flood workers. We had some bad flooding here a few weeks ago and there are 2000 seniors and disabled that need help cleaning up


there are teams here from all over the country. I was contacted by the state community services director to see if we could provide some BBQ for them, and we are working out the details now.

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GREAT JOB!!!!! Way to help out!!


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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thanks guys. I have been trying to raise funds for a few cooks I am working on


I have been in touch with the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund about doing something for them in the spring


And also, Dutton Farms in Rochester Hills, Michigan. They are a farm that has programs for special needs kids and adults. I would love to do a cook for them.


But of course, funds are always an issue.


So I have started a Go Fund Me drive, you can find it here.


Handyman Stan gave us a very generous donation. If any of you would like to donate, even a small amount, I have some details about it on this thread, please take the time to take a look at it

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I see you are over half way on your goal Brian.  Keep going and good luck.



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Thanks Stan. Actually I just chose a figure, its going to be an ongoing campaign. I spoke with Lynn from The Wounded and Fallen Soldiers Fund just yesterday, we are trying to come up with a way to either feed vets or raise funds for them.


Today, we are having a small drop off meal for flood relief workers in our area. They are in the Detroit area from Massachusetts. 2 of my guys are doing that, its being paid for by a woman from the State of Mich who arranges this type of service


And on Thurs, I am doing a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser at work.


Neither of these are using the funds I have raised, those funds are only for vet and homeless cooks and will be used only when there is no other funding available.


So I have many irons in the fire

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Sorry I'm late on this, but it speaks volume of you and Paul when you do these kinds of things for our vets. Truly is a great thing, and it makes me proud to be a soldier and serve people like you all! That is why I had Paul build my smoker when I had the funds. Class act all around, as with everyone I met in the BBQ world so far. What a great community!

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thanks bud


good seeing ya over here!

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