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Hi David and happy Thursday to you!


It's great to hear from you, and thanks for nice words on the various foods here indeed!


I LOVE learning about the sea urchins being hermaphrodites (or some of them anyway) and to be eating the reproductive organs and it's so exciting!!! Fantastic!! Now I love them even more!!


I do think that MORE uni should have been in that pasta the other day, and also with a box of pasta that wasn't broken.


But nonetheless, how terrific to learn more about it!


And here is to finding more of it or more often (tricky to track down here all that often, unless shipping it in from elsewhere and paying for shipping thus), although what you ate in NY just sounded incredibly good!


Ironically, I am making conch ceviche tomorrow, (and bringing some to the fish monger who got me the conch), and the shelf life and window for that is ONLY tomorrow, and I have a lunch appointment out! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


However, may the fish monger eat well! Smiles.


In any event, I will look for the Wynn's - so far no dice but I am continuing the search - as that sounds really nice!


Meanwhile, happy evening to all! I just ate two soft boiled eggs dipped into Dijon mustard and black pepper. (Late day snack for me and guilty pleasure of sorts I suppose). Although I do not have guilt about pleasure and so here's to those eggs!


Happy all! Cheers! - Leah

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Crap photo I had to use Ipad. This is the 2nd string but great value.

Chef JJ chardonay done well is a beautiful thing. I like them aged as well. Really high end stuff from Margaret River in Western Australia,Cullens, Cape Mentelle, Capelvale ,Leeuwin Estate just for starters..Winery staff surf in the mornings work in the afternoons. Lots of really good restaurants at Wineries. Or cooler climate out of Victoria maybe? If you can remember what the label looked like I may be able to find it.

I will get onto this Petite syrah soon .I have a stack of it. Its funny about wine fashion.There was a move away from the big red styles by some "unsophisticated, over done ,to hot" & for a while here even chardonnay was on  the outer ,people were ABCs no not Australian born chinese:biggrin: anything but chardonnay.Idiots! They then drank those horrible blended whites,that were bland or over sweet.Made in steel tanks by robots.

If the crew with their hands on the grapes can keep those big reds balanced then I am in. I dont want to drink it every day but there is a time & place.

My water buffalo guys are across town & out of range so I may have to sub something else. I am thinking hare braised with a little bitter chocolate in the sauce. Really old school Italian.

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Hi all! And happy Friday to YOU!!!


Today I made a plate of conch ceviche that was so soft, (tasted like scallop and yet taken to a far better place), and so the spicy cayenne did really add to it, and soooooooooooooo incredibly well! (If I may be so humble and such).


I make mine chunky, with lots of cilantro and yet so simply.


And I got to enjoy some, despite being out for some lunch! And so all is well!




 I hope that all are amazing and just eating and driking well!


Happy Friday! Cheers! - Leah

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Beef & eggplant curry on the go here. Dinner for tomorrow & take out for Linda so she can have a proper lunch before afternoon shift.



Garlic,chilli,fresh turmeric ,ginger, Baba's curry powder ,chuck steak,beef stock,coconut milk. Low & slow.Eggplant goes in late. Malaysian home cooking.

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Damn Mick! Such beautiful food!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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