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Present and Accounted for Sir!

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I've started this journey a few years ago in my backyard and now have seemed to have broadened to something of a desire and passion.

Currently I'm working with a home made smoker on trailer that I pieced together, but cooks extremely well. (For sale by the way)
I'm looking to upgrade to a OC Wrangler very soon.

I've lived in several different places within the United States. My home is East Texas, however I was born in South Louisiana. Being in the military for a total of 13 years, I've had the ability to travel extensively, sometimes great places such as Hong Kong and Australia. Sometimes not so great as Somalia and Iraq.

In the end, what matters the most is God, spending time with my family, and rolling smoke....maybe a few cold adult beverages!

Here's what I'm currently working with:
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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you.

Nice smoker.
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Welcome to SMF!  Always have to shake e-hands with a guy who has his priorities in the right place. 


Thank you for your service BTW. 

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Hello neighbor down the road, glad to see you posting. Nothing like smoke coming out of your smoker and all the good stuff that follows. I'll have to get mine fired up pretty soon, spent most of last repainting and refinishing mine.



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Much appreciated.

Yeah Gary, we're just about neighbors. Moving up here back in '02 from south Louisiana, I've been adopted by the piney woods of East Texas. I absolutely LOVE it up here and rarely ever go back home to visit. Nice talking to everyone, I've got some learning to do. Lmao!
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Welcome MB, real glad ya joined us ! Nice lookin smoker, see ya around the forum !

Thank You For Your Service To Our Great U.S. Of A ! usa.gif
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Thanks WaterinHole.....

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