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buildung a brick smoker

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I have never owned a smoker. I have used my friends traeger a bunch but its time i get my own. I dont want to spend thousands and i dont want a cheap no good smoker so ithought if i built my own i would be able to control the quality. Im not the handiest person so it might be a little hard but i believe the quality will be better that a cheapo. I have a few problems though. One where to get a door and how to installit. 2 how to install a damper. 3 how to insulate it. Thats all that comes to mind now but if anything else comes up ill be sure to post. Thanks for your answers in advance.
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Building a quality smoker when you know what you're doing will cost more than a quality smoker. Doing it without being handy and a novice as to sizing, dampers, smoke chambers, insulation, doors etc. etc. will be an almost certain failure. Start out with a entry level smoker to get your feet wet. Learn from it, what you like and what you don't. When and if the time comes to upgrade, save your pennies and buy a higher end model, or if your skills advance enough and you want to build a brick and mortar smoker you will have gained some knowledge and will be more prepared.
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I've looked into it and decided to get a UDS instead
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Good luck on the UDS, be sure and post pictures


gary S

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