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First time smoking trout.

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I went as an advisor with the scouts to Kolob resivour and the kids caught some great fish in the 20" plus range. I caught one tiny one I had to keep because of how it was hooked and four 16-18" rainbows. They caught hard and that was fun and the four that got off during the fight were fun too.

Anyway after some searching around I decided on 170 degrees and red oak. I decided to scale the fish and season with kosher salt, pepper, onion and garlic.

Now they are in the MES 30 smoking for dinner. I am thinking now that I should have rinsed them off after they sat on the counter with seasoning for an hour and a half.

Live and learn.

Here's the start picture.

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OK, after an hour at 170 and then 225 for 2 hours we were ready but they were not quite. I put them on the gas grill for about 3 minutes a side and served!

I used red oak pellets.

They were awesome! I thought cedar planks were my favorite! I have a new favorite!

Here's the qview.

Enjoy! I don't think I missed the brine. They only sat for an hour or so and were incredible!

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They look great Mel, good job!

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Nice Job, Mel !!


Looks Mighty Tasty!!




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