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Turkey Breast

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I smoked this turkey breast after it soaked in brine all night in the frig. It is real good. I ate a bunch of it as I was cutting it.:icon_mrgreen: I took out the back bone to get it to flatten out. Love these and my wife also loves them. I am going to have to do a whole bird soon.


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Looks great!!
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Did ya eat it or slice it for sammies?  I love smoked turkey sammies. 



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Tom , hello. Your Hen looks marvelous :biggrin: , looks like some good juice there too:drool .


They are easy ,right  :icon_question: The whole ones are just as easy Thumbs Up .


Everybody practice for T-Day and yours will look like Toms. Well done :439:.


Have fun and . . .

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We did slice and eat. It was goooood.


I did buy a whole one to try probably Sunday or Monday. 'll add pictures of the whole bird when I get it done.

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Here is the whole bird as I said I would post it.


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