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ribs on the ecb

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Well after working out of town all week , living in a motel and eating out , I had to fire up the ecb today for a good meal ! I've been working on a few mods for the ecb and its turned out pretty good. After 4+ hrs and ready to towel up for a bit . Man they smell good !
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Oh boy!!! That shot sure makes me hungry!!! Nice job!!!icon14.gif
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Id be picking those things apart :drool

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They were pretty good . The wife takes whats left and cuts it off the bone , makes up a slaw with some cilantro , lime juice and olive oil and slaps it all on a hot dog bun and it is lip smacking good !
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Good looking Ribs , you mentioned the smell , was that while ''in' the smoker :icon_question: Pork  emits a nice fragrance when getting done..., Just wondering if anyone else picked up on that but me...


Have fun and . . .

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