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New to SMF

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Checking in from Southern California. Been around smoking for a while, recently got my own setup.

Here is my lineup:

ECB for the little stuff.

A Bar B Chef, saved from the backyard of a co worker, a little beat up, but smokes like a champ.
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Welcome Zack, glad ya joined us ! Looks like a nice smoker, so what's on the menu today ?
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Thanks, got a pork shoulder and a small rack of pork ribs. For the shoulder going 5 hours then wrapping till IT of 205. For the ribs, a test run (usually do 3-2-1), 5 hours no wrap, baste at 3.5 till finish.

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Sounds like a good smokin day, be on the lookout for your Q view ! icon14.gif
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Hello from a hot East Texas and welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and real good people here.


Gary S

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