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Firing up in unionville, pa

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I fired up my Meadow Creek reverse flow smoker for the first time today.   After an hour of break-in/seasoning, I am now smoking a rack of ribs, chicken and some sausage.   Very enjoyable to be able to combine spending time outside with cooking food for the family.




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Welcome to the forum & our addiction Mike ! Glad ya joined us !

BTW, nice lookin smoker ! icon14.gif
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Welcome to the SMF Family. That's a fine lookin' rig you got there...JJ

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Welcome from Canada, Mike.



Thanks for the picture of your rig. We love qview.


Sounds like you are enjoying it. You should know that there is a danger of addiction. There is no cure and you may become doomed to making great food and having fun.


I look forward to your posts.



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Welcome Mike.



I am right up the road from ya.



Great looking cooker you have.

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Hello Mike from a hot East Texas, and welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and real good people here. Nice looking smoker .


Gary S

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Welcome , Mike from Unionville .


Glad you joined us and hope you enjoy it and plan to call this 'Home' . :biggrin:


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks to all for the kind welcome.   


I had great fun all day working the smoker, but have to admit that my first batch of smoked meats was marginal at best.   I may have been to stingy with how much charcoal I added at a time as the temperature kept dipping down to 200 and I had to frequently add more charcoals.  I had the 2 dampers only open 1" each, so I don't think excess airflow was the issue.  I also over-smoked the meat a bit; lesson here is probably to cover with aluminum foil after 90-120 minutes.   On the positive side, my baby back ribs came out amazingly tender with the meat falling right off the bones following a formula of 2.5h - 1h - 20m at 225 F.


I'll have to read up a bit on recipes and cooking instructions before I give it another go next week.



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Sounds like you need to open up those dampers and get more air in your firebox to make a hotter fire. If the dampers were only slightly opened, you're choking out your fire. Also make sure your stack is wide open. By the way....welcome to the forum. There's a lot of great people here willing to give you some tips with your new unit.
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Hey Mike

Welcome to the Smoking forum. You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have. Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right. LOL. Don’t forget to post qviews.

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