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Labor of love

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Pulled an all nighter smoking 2 butts for a bday party today hopefully 17.5lbs of pulled pork will be enough to feed the 30ish person guest list.

Called for rain which it ended up raining quite a bit to bought the umbrella yesterday at SAMs for 35 bucks. Pretty reasonable for the awesome protection it provided last night

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That is some seriously good looking pig, see the bone a little should pull nicely. Yummy I'd eat it.


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Nice , those umbrellas are worth the $ . I have several. th_dunno-1[1].gif Cheaper than a Q-bana .


Have fun and  . . .

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I say if it works, roll with it.... Nice lookin Q by the way ! icon14.gif
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Nice! Funny how being up all night to make some Q doesn't leave you as exhausted as otherwise. Hope the guests enjoy it and appreciate your work.
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The pulled pork was a hit, one comment was made about being better than famous daves. Idk about all that but it was definitely mighty tasty
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Fine lookin' vittles! Once you get the feel for the WSM you can leave it run all night while you sleep.

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Looks great!!  Nice job on the smoke!



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