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First butt

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Put this 8 pounder on at 6 this morning, 3 hours in I'm at like 145, hope it's tasty
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What kind of smoker? What kind of wood? What kind of rub? Did you brine? What temp? Are you going to foil? What IT are you going for?

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Hey.. Char broil vertical charcoal smoker, apple wood, no brine, rub is a concoction I usually use on ribs, smokers at about 225 now, meats at 153, going for around 200, planning on not foiling as that seems to be the consensus
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Looks good sounds like your game plan is on target.


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Since you are obviously going for bark, you may want to read my thread in "Pork" about the "Cult of the Bark".

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Thanks guys.. I'll check it out grillmonkey
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Sounds like a good plan. I've done a few and not foiled, however I will be doing one next weekend and think I may foil just to see if there is a difference in taste and moisture.

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Yea man, first time so I'll just use this and the next couple as a baseline I guess
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What temp does the stall usually start? I'm already at 178 4 hours in
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I had one stall at 175 for 3 hours a few weeks ago. My last one was at 168-169 for only about 2 1/2 hours.

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Hmmmm alright, guess we'll be eating sooner than I thought
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Sounds like you may be running hotter than you think. Keep a close eye on the meats internal temp and start probing for tenderness when it gets in the 195 range. If it's done early just wrap it in foil, then a clean towel and put it in an empty cooler to rest. It'll stay hot for hours and will benefit from the rest period.
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Well looks like I made a total rookie mistake, think I had the probe too close to the bone, luckily I stuck an instant read in another spot then moved the probe.. Looks like I'm stuck at 185 in the middle doh!
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I think this is going to turn out a lot better than you think!

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Ha, I hope so man, wife's waiting on it
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Sounds like ya have things going your way now, butts are pretty forgiving.... Be lookin forward to how it turned out for ya ! I'am betting it'll be great !
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Well took it off after 8 hours and wrapped it up to rest for a couple hours, it got to 203 in the center, will post again when I pull it later
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just pulled.. Pretty tasty!
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Told ya!

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Ha, I know, thanks.. Got the smoking bug now for sure
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