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Good job, I will have to try and smoke a cabbage again. I was disappointed he first go round, needed to be exposed and not foiled up, going to put in alum pan to collect what ever drops out yet get the desired smoke I want. Maybe can dip cabbage in drippings.

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Or, if you peek to see what is going on, if the drippings are not too well done,I would suggest to think about taking the drippings (butter, bacon juice, bbq, rub stuff, onion juice, etc.) and pour back into the top again to recycle the best of the best of the good stuff then try dipping in what is left over at the last. 


See how this forums works? At least for me, every smoke is an experiment. Thats why we share.


Something I have hot seen addressed with smoking meat that I am starting to paying attention to is Density Altitude, in particular, AMBIANT HUMIDITY with all my smokes in all my devices for meats, ribs in particular, brisket, PB, chicken and fish..


As it stands now (I am retired and change to many other of my options frequently) I plan to smoke another cabbage tomorrow.  I have posted what I will do differently above and give it a try.  I do not plan on having saginificant drippings.  My firebox is directly below (2-3 ft) , so if I have butter/bacon drippings it will add to the smoke.  If it does not work out as planned, I will post my results and post what I might adjust next time.


Interestingly, with all the other cabbage posts here, I almost did not start this post because of so many other posts already here of cabbage.  I think my response will be the #22 comment.  Wow  This is a testimonial of continued sharing and keeping new information alive.  


801 Driver, I stall at 26 unless the density altitude (combination of temperature, air pressure, and Humidity) is different than standard conditions, and would suggest 94% nitro with current track conditions.. 


Keep on having fun.  If it ain't smoken, keep your eye on it, it might be broken.

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OK, doing my second one,been on about 45 min.  Made the center cut out larger and deeper,about 3/4 down.  Going to cook to IT 180+



Just passing through IT of 160



Just keeping an eye on it while doing some corn in the shuck and burgers on another grill.  I have nothing dripping out the bottom.  Adding a few more wood chunks.  Will post more later.

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Just took it off at 184 IT with the sensor tip angled down toward the middle.  Temp sensor almost fell out.  Will need to cool a little.  Most likely will only do a little taste tonight as late as it is and have more with some Cloverdale hotdogs tomorrow.  Nothing drained out the bottom, with the filling and about a 1/2 stick of butter.  The little crumpled foil ring I used to keep it upright did not seem to block much smoke, will see how much got through the outside leaves.


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Looks great, let's see a plated shot with them dogs :drool

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Wifey switched up on me, she pulled out some smoked ham and we shared the very last of the last tomato we had.  The cabbage was very good cut up and mixed with the stuffing.  I mixed up some of the smoked ham with the last few bites. Pretty good.  The cabbage was still a little more crunchy than I care for eating like this.  I will go to 190 IT on the next one.  We still will have to eat the rest of this one (choke it down?) first.  Naw, it is good, but we are always looking for perfection of our taste buds for the day.



I was worried I was carving out too much of the center, but it was not too much.  Next time I will cut out the hard core and as I cut out more to make a larger cavity, I will put it in an aluminum pan and stir some of the left over filling, bacon, onions, Jeff's rub, and BBQ sauce and put it in the smoke for a little while to use it for topping also.  Also for "truth in advertising" I am right handed, next time I will also put my beer in the frosted A&W mug on the right side and drink the tea with my left hand, if I feel I need some.


Just having fun cooking outside.

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