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I'm Back!


First its Bibbits! MMmmmmmmm..........




Slice some.





As long as we are frying eggs........





Buttermilk biscuits, the most delicious ham, eggs one eye open one closed, and that is fresh muscadine jelly made last week.





Or my favorite, Steen's pure cane syrup. Man, what a supper!




Normally I would have been trying to be a bit more empressive, but real life is hectic here lately. Its not too well thought out, but I guaranty I could sell 'em in front of the house, all day long. Excellent supper though.

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Hey Foamy,


Glad your dad is ok.


That is some great looking ham! I have a butt in Pop's right now, put it in Sunday. Hope I can wait a few weeks. Is this your first double smoked? I was  thinking about smoking it to 145 and then baking it the next week for the wifes birthday supper.



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If you are doing a bone in butt, I suggest you remember to inject it really well around the bone. Ya don't want bone sour. I have not heard of it happening but I am guessing better safe than sorry. If the meat is over 2 inches thick you need to inject anyway.


Everytime I have attempted a ham something happens............


I think I usually shoot for 3 weeks, but some have lasted longer. If using Pop's brine recipe it doesn't matter because it reaches a state of equalibrum. If it is a dry rubbed cure, I amd not the one to ask.


I am thinking no, my memory seems to be no longer than my..... well anything else these days. I will also add a suggestion if you bake your smoked ham. I use a load of different glazes mostly using maple and the jellies I put up. BUT one of the best hams I make is Dr. Pepper Ham. besides the fruit (Pineapple usually), I will pour Dr.Pepper in the pan before foiling. No one will taste Dr.Pepper but everyone was impressed!

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I removed the bone before I tied her up, then I did inject the brine in a few places. I will do that a couple more times before the smoke. Can't wait. I'll do some qview when I do it.
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Looking forward to seeing that Q-View!  I am not getting much smoking time here lately so............ make me drool!!

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I will give er my best shot. Been spending too much time cuttin wood and other stuff gettin ready for winter. Once there's snow on the ground it will be cookin and smokin!!!!!
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Nice job on the ham!

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Man that is a great thread!!!  Love all the work you did to get these fine results.  Reinhard

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Originally Posted by Woodcutter View Post

Nice job on the ham!

Thanks Todd, those were some purty gud bibbets! When the neice was just a wee toddler she couldn't say bisquits but she loved bibbets! LOL  Its hard to beat an old bisquit with a slice a ham. Slap some syrup on one for desert if you got room (I can't remember ever not having enough room).

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Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post

Man that is a great thread!!!  Love all the work you did to get these fine results.  Reinhard


Thank for checking it ........ it wasn't as well done as those I have seen by you and Wood and so many others here but it proves two things. 1. Anyone can cure pork. 2. No matter what happens the meat can handle it. It can last in Pops brine much longer than required and its just a good when cooked.


And homemade ham and bisquits beat Mc"ie Donald's ham and McMuffin anyday!

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