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spare ribs! advice really quick

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hey all,

i have two 5 lb pork spare ribs. i cut them in halves. i been at 225 for about 4 hours 20 mins. i decided not to foil this time. so my question is, is it still 6 hours total like the foil method with the 3-2-1

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It should be right around that time. The last time the two on my lower rack were done at 5 1/2 hours the top rack took six.
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the bend test and pull back is what you want to go by... of coarse it will be hard to do the bend test since they are cut in half.... so with that look for pull back and then grab a bone and twist a little to see if it pulls away from the meat easily... good luck...
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what is the pull back

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and thank you for the advice guys

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that's how much the meat pulls back on the end of the bones.. you want about a 1/4-1/2 an inch of bone showing... depending on how you like them.. the more the pull back the more they are done... but you also have to be careful as they will dry out on you as well...
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thank you!

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The meat will start pulling away from the bone exposing the bone. It will also make the bone lose allowing it to wiggle
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Lick the sauce off your fingers and tell us how they turned out:biggrin:.

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Well, it was okay... Dried out. I took two smaller halves at about 5 hours 30 mins. The thick part was good. The thin part was dry.

I did salt and coarse black pepper with little garlic powder.

I did unfoiled for the whole thing. When I foil it, it comes out more tender and moist. But I wanted to try it old school and go all the way unfoiled. The bigger halves I took out at 6 hours. I did not see much pull back.
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I know it couldn't be because it was not on their long enough that they didn't pull back because some parts were already over done and dry
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You're in the same boat I am when it comes to ribs. I'm working on them and plan to take another stab at them Sunday, but I am far from having them mastered. I feel your pain.

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