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Blistered Smoker Seasoning

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I might have done something dumb to my smoker. I recently built a very hot fire to burn off the build up from the last couple smokes. The cook chamber temperature was around 500 degrees. After I was done I now have blistering inside of the cook chamber. Should I scrap this off and re-season? 





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I would scrape it off. I don't like chunks in my Que!!!!
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Yes , as DS says , scrape it off and re-season with a smaller fire and a lot less smoke . That looks like Creosote .


I use a wide 'Putty Knife' (6") and peel it off and toss it in the garbage .


After a good seasoning , you'll be good to go .


Good luck and . . .

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Scrape.......and re-season.....then SMOKE something!



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I think thats an awwww s...! No worries. It will be fine. Have another cold drink, clean her up and keep smoking! 

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Scraper and wire brush be better then new.

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