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MES Smoke Ring

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This is my first experience with a MES, and having used propane and wood smokers in the past, I'm not seeing the smoke ring that I got with them using the MES. Does anyone else have the same problem or am I doing it wrong (which is my guess)?

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I don't have my MES yet ,if I ever do , but I haven't heard anyone griping about it . . .


Someone with one will be here soon and will clue you in on the details, meanwhile . . .

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You will not get a smoke ring from an electric smoker. Its something we give up to not need to tend the first box.


Since it doesn't increase or reduce flavor, it seemed a go trade off to me.

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Thanks! I know my flavor is great and moistness is incredible, but I was wondering if I was missing something. Lord knows I love my MES.
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If you want a faux pink smoke ring, rub it down with Morton's Tenderquick. Just for looks, has no effect on taste of brisket or other meat you do this trick to

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Hmmmmm. My Brisket rub is Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. No need for extra.

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