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how hot is to hot?

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ok, so im new to smoking. built a smokehouse on 2 layers of block. with 2x4 framing and pine boards on the sides. question is i put small fire in bottom. how hot is to hot for the walls? had it close to 250 for a little while Sunday. boy did the sap seep out then! but since its brand new, as am i to this. i would rather not burn it down. any good ideas?

was thinking about adding cement board to lower sections of the walls.

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I wouldn't go much higher than 250. I wouldn't use an open flame source if you don't have a fire proof area to contain it. How big is your smoker? Any photos you can post?
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Happy smoken.


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sorry dave, just outside pix. but it measures 4'x4'x 6'.

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Looks nice. I plan on building one some day.

Happy smoken.


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Scott, I have the same problem with my smoker. I haven't burned it down yet. But it might. I am putting the cement board inside just to make sure. Also I am thinking it might insulate it some. CF

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Can you build a smaller fire ??? Maybe try an old cast iron Dutch Oven with briquettes in it for heat and a chunk or 2 of flavor wood..

That is a very nice smoke house... Locate a small band saw or chop saw to cut that beautiful dry/seasoned wood into smaller hunks.... maybe 4-6" long...

As far as modifying the smoke house with cement board, I would try my darndest to get it to work the way it is.... If you need a high heat to smoke a pork butt or something like that, smoke first in the smoker and finish in the oven.... too many folks try to make a smoker an all purpose tool, IMO, when the oven is perfect for finishing big hunks of meat.....

I smoke butts and turkeys, for a few hours, at 120-140 deg. F, and finish in the oven all the time.... It's the smoke that's important....

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If it does catch on fire I sure hope it doesn't take the shed and wood pile with it!!

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Looks like someone blazed up a doobie in the outhouse!!!

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yes defiantly have saws here. sadly almost all that wood is poplar. but its a hard wood and does smoke nice. have almost a truck load of cherry, 2 of maple, 4 in oak. lots of wood in pa. clearing 2 arches for a friend was a good time investment.

if she does catch that wood barn is a goner. but i think i just need to keep it low and slow. the fish i made was fantastic. the pork was good just not falling apart like i had hoped.

thanks for the input guys :-)

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I need to restock with pecan but it's going to wait till November, maybe.  To darn hot to be cutting and splitting wood in August!!

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