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BBQ contest dessert?

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Anyone been in one where they had this?
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Shaggy , several ideas come to mind ...  Grilled Bananas , Peaches , Plums , Pineapple and Cherries . Over Ice Cream would be a killer:drool


More industrious challenges are , Pies , Cobblers , Cakes and Pastries. Practice would be needed, don't know if you can use a D.O. , but that would be great :icon_exclaim:


Other members will be popping in to offer suggestions.\


Good luck,


Have fun and . . .

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A dessert pizza..
Chocolate hazelnut smeared as the base, marshmallow peices scattered over it with roasted nuts and ice cream when finished.....
Ow yer. We did this in a wood oven. Was insane
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i was in one back in may and we did pineapple upside cake on the smoker we didn't place very well with it

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