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Ribs for me

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I decided to do some ribs today, while my wife is in Minnesota .

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I hope you have kids or poker buddies (or both) to help you with that.

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The dogs and i ate very well

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My dog just asked me if she could move in with you.

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I'm going to try Jeff's rub for the first time. I have smoked many ribs using different methods. My question is:


I am going to do 4 racks, Haven't decided if it will be baby backs or spare ribs? (Both available) Any recommendations there?


I am going to do the 221 method. During the wrapped period should I wrap them individually or wrap all four rack in one big bundle? I am thinking all together they may retain more moisture.




Southern Maryland

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Foil them all together and let us know how it turns out.

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Nice , lucky puppy too Thumbs Up

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