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whole hog roast for my birth day!!!!

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  It's finally here I have been waiting so many years for this but it finally happen I'm so excited I will just jump in to the pics and I will talk about it in the post later



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Awesome man, I'd like to do a whole hog someday just for fun..... Enjoy ! beercheer.gif
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Looks great, happy birthday!

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Nice Shawn...... Dont forget to crisp up some skins when the meats pulled... My favorite part.........Good luck and happy bithday......Salute
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yeah I was thinking about that this morning about frying some skin. I tried some that day when we were talking it off the pit it was pretty good.

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I wish I had more photos but my phone ran out of space,and i was so tired I went to bed at 11:40 the previous night and woke up about 2:30 am that morning to start prepping the hog and to light my fire so the coals would burn down by the time I was ready to put the hog on.I started at 4:00 am and finished about 10:30 am over all it took about 6 hrs to cook a 50-60 lbs hog.

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So, what's your overall opinion? Did the piggy get flipped or just cooked as it layed? Do a mop? How about the heat to meat ratio? Pig to close 2 blocks up, or just about right? Thinking of assembling a block pit in back here and curious. I did chicken on an open pit recently and it got HOT so really had to move the grate around to avoid excessive char. Belated Happy Birthday, everyone looks like a good time was had......Willie

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I will post some pics later of me assembling it. The pit worked really well, and  held it's temp really good and to my surprise I only used one 40lb bag of hard wood coal. I was trying for a temp around 275 but the temp was around 300 to 350. I wanted to use a mop sauce but didn't for some reason as far as the the heat to meat. I dug about one cylinder block deep and then stack two cylinder high then I made come groves to place four re-bars to lay across the pit then I placed my expanded sheet metal and placed to more layers of cylinder blocks. I also for got to mention that I placed two piece of angel iron so that I could remove the tho blocks that you see in the picture where the fire is and I also turned two blocks on their side one on each side to provide air flow .


here a video that help me go to you tube and type how to build a pit BBQ for $250 by Joe Davidson 

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