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White Burgundy & Wolf Fish!

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Happy Saturday Great Winos!!!!!


What's on the smoker, and what's in your glass for this weekend?


While I may smoke something tomorrow; I did grill my first "Wolf Fish" (a mysterious "first" for me and which I found in the frozen section of Trader Joe's no less) and paired with White Burgundy! (My favorite genre of wine on this earth)!!!




I made a fabulous dry rub of celery seed, blue Persian sea salt, black pepper, herbs de Provence, black & tan sesame seeds, and dehydrated garlic flakes... (and rubbed the fish in that and grilled it four minutes on the flesh side and 8 minutes on the skin side, as I LOVE fish skin more than any fish itself) and it was so good!



I'd thawed some Trader Joe's frozen haricots vert (which I just love) and rubbed that with the dry rub before tossing it on grill grates too; and even sliced their raw heirloom tomatoes and shallots, and tossed it through the same...



Once plating, I drizzled olive oil and a little more sea salt, and black pepper, and then sat down to something INCREDIBLE!


I had no idea that Wolf Fish was so delicious - skin and all - and that it was a White Burgundy pairing that was just WAITING to so beautifully thus happen; and that the whole meal was from Trader Joe's even; and mostly frozen! What a surprisingly delicious and lovely day!


OK, forgive the smoke-free bit, on a smoker site, but more smoke to come! And share your weekend eats and drinks here too! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Grilling is allowed in my book. Especially when it's something so delicious looking! Never heard of wolf fish. I wonder if they have to keep it separated from the catfish? 😄
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Thanks Andrew!


I had never heard of it either and thus grabbed the frozen goods at Trader Joe's and out of curiosity!


It tastes like sea bass! VERY VERY VERY much like Chilean Sea Bass, without the stomach cramping heavy oil! A beautiful fish, this Wolf stuff. I love it!


Happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you're making it delicious! Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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We regular fish off the mid Atlantic coast from 25- 60 miles off shore. I've never heard of Wolf Fish looking it up, you'd better enjoy it when you can.....they have done this with so many species in the last several years.
On October 1, 2008, the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), along with Dr. Erica Fuller and Dr. Les Watling, petitioned the US NMFS for the protection of the Atlantic wolffish under the ESA. The petition called for the protection of the Atlantic wolffish and wolffish habitat throughout the US northwest Atlantic waters. It recommended a designation of critical habitat be set up to close off both commercial and recreational fishing in those areas (which would overlap closed areas for various other fishing industries for the benefit of fishermen), the development of catch and release protocols, educational programs for fishermen in the Gulf of Maine area, and possession prohibitions.

And...that was 6 years ago...I'm sure by now this is more of a reality
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Leah, yet another awesome meal.... Wolf fish ? I never heard of that.... Maybe cause I'am just an ole Idaho redneck.... LOL. Very nice meal ! icon14.gif
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Wow Knuckle47! It seems that from conch to cobia and now my Wolfy speckled fun; I do just find things which are tricky to often come by. Oh dear.


But it's interesting how such sanctions are set into place! On my list of things I wish to try still are; grilled zebra steaks, raw horse meat tartare, and then some camel milk. For now however, I'm planning on more wolf fish for today unless something else catches my eye when out in the store.


And thank you Justin! This really was tasty!


Happy new and very wonderful week to all!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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