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wood question..

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I got my hands on some pecan wood. Is it better to cut it up into chunks or toss bigger pieces in?

Not sure how seasoned it is so it may be a while before I can use it but I am curious :)
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Bigger pieces being 8 or 10 inches long instead of chunks 3 or 4.

I have a modified brinkmann gourmet..:)
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I've had the most success with chunks about the size of your fist, particularly for smokes lasting an hour or more.  I tried longer pieces (mine come in split logs, 12-14 inches long), but they would start burning from the middle to the ends, and I prefer to have all sides of the wood burning around the same hot temperature.  I think a piece of wood that is completely ignited will provide cleaner smoke than wood that is partially ignited and partially smoldering.

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Thanks! A guy at work gave me s o me pecan he got from his brothers house..I will cut it up soon and put it in some y thing to dry and store.
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Nice score on the wood.


I was watching one of the BBQ Pitmasters episodes yesterday, and one of the better-known cookers mentioned how he was using wood that had just been cut the day before.  I always thought that was a no-no, but this guy is a professional, so it made me wonder.  In your position, I might try one smoke with some of the "green" wood before you store it.  I'd probably let it burn a little longer before putting the meat on, though.

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I have read you shouldn't use it to. He gets some every time he goes to visit his brother. I think this stuff has been drying for a while..I am gonna ask him tomorrow
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I believe you're referring to Myron Mixon's use of green peach wood. That may be because of the sweeter sap of the fruit wood adds to the flavor, where other woods might not do so well until dried. It also may be that he's not being entirely forthcoming with the real details. Think about it, a guy who makes his money competing and selling his "secrets" in his BBQ school, do you really think any of what he says on tv is 100% accurate? I obviously don't know the guy and I do hear he's a straight shooter, but I take everything I see on that show with a grain of salt.
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Actually, I was referring to Tuffy Stone using it. However, he had just purchased a pit from Mr. Mixon in that episode.
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It could have been cut the day before from standing dead and in that case would be fine. Green wood in a smoker? I'm not convinced on that one. 

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I have some peach from my peach tree that I cut a few weeks ago. I've got it hanging up to dry as it is only about 2 inches in diameter and about 4 feet long. It was last winter kill, but I sawed it in half and it was still pretty green even though it was standing dead at least 4 months or longer. 

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Apparently. Th s is stuff that was dead and fell off he tree
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I will probably Cut into it this weekend and get this stuff into smaller pieces and put it in a bucket with some holes drilled for ventilation and stuff it somewhere
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I would take a small piece and do a test burn and see how it does. Keep the meat handy as thou should never waste TBS! 

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Here's a quick (16 sec) clip of what I'm talking about.




rvial, I'm guessing that if you cut it into 4-inch chunks, it should be ready to go in a month, as long as you're not in a super humid climate.

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Cool. Wats the easiest way to get rid of the bark?
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I get my wood split, so I just use a hatchet to split the bark off right before I start cooking.  Lots of people will tell you that you can leave it on.  I have no idea whether it's actually necessary to remove it.


I suppose if you have a propane or butane torch, you could burn it off before adding it to the fire.

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Georgia is "The Peach State", so of course I have some peach trees in my yard. I have tried smoking with fresh cut limbs and found it to be acrid. I have also used dried limbs with the bark on and they were much more mellow, like you'd expect a dried fruit wood to be, excellent for ribs.


I have also used red oak both with and without bark and if there is a difference, I can't tell it.

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O k..thanks g u us!
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Originally Posted by rvial View Post

O k..thanks g u us!

I thought you were BARKING up the wrong tree... 

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