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Friday Babybacks

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They just  went in for a 4 hours nap letting the rub sink in. putting them in the smoke at 2

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smokers at 250 let the smoking begin

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2 hours of smoke with oak wood and apple chips , ready for foiling

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Looks good so far. :popcorn

Happy smoken.


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Looks good..

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sauce is on there almost done , now time to put the pineapples on the smoker

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Marvelous looking BB's , and you said Pineapple going on :icon_exclaim: :drool Me love Pineapple . :biggrin:


I know they were good , thanks for the look.


Have fun and . . .

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Nice smoke on the ribbies ! Pineapple, that has to be good too !
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That sounds amazing, did you smoke a entire pineapple, or simply slices?
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Looking good! I love smoked pineapple. We made s'mores with slices of smoked pineapple once. Insanely good!
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