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Goulash can be either a soup or a stew. Depending on however you want to make it.

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No, not really. Gulyas is a soup. end of. If you want to make a stew with similar ingredients it's not Gulyas. It can be Porkolt or Paprikas. But it is not Gulyas. Just because you think it is, doesn't make it so.

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Originally Posted by x0xsaywhutx0x View Post

Goulash can be either a soup or a stew. Depending on however you want to make it.
Are we still talking about authentic gulyas or we moved to cleaning-the-fridge-everything-in-the-pot soup/stew?

I think it was Bourdain who said that if you want to make good carbonara don't use the recipe from the back of a can of peas.
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I've seen a bunch of sources say one, the other, or both.  And seeing as how it really originated is unknown and disputed, we will never truly know.  We will just have to agree to disagree, and seeing as you two (AK and atomic) have more experience than I do, I respect what you say and appreciate all the input you give us.  When I have a chance, I am going to try to make it as a soup, so if any of you have a good recipe to try and any tips to give, let me know.  Or even if you have a recipe or tips for making pörkölt, paprikás, or tokány, let me know as I would like to try them all.  I never meant to get into an argument like this.

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Not arguing. Debating.  Gulyas was and is more of a soup than a stew. Meaning it was a thin broth. Given what it may have been at one point in time, compared to what it is now.  It's probably not much different than arguing Chili, Or saying that East Side New York food is Italian.  

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My first entry on this thread includes a goulyas recipe. Let me know if you need more details.

My take on paprikas and tokany are not really Hungarian style - so I let other members share these recipes.

However I've been told I make a mean porkolt. Bogracs porkolt (bogracs=cauldron).

I will PM the recipe if interested.
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