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16# Ribeye w/ q-View!

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Not making the whole thing.

Should I do Butchers twine on this? I have never made one. Is it like a NY strip roast?

I cut up half for a small get together tomorrow. The other half had two steaks whacked off and then vacuum sealed for another day.

I SPOG'd it and it's in the fridge. The mini will be smoking this bad boy tomorrow.

Taking to 138 then wrap and put in cooler. Should I plan for 45 min/lbs?

And eggs are on right now!

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Eggs were good. Fo sure!!!!
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I have never cooked a ribeye so I will be watching.
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Correction- Sat is the smoke, not Fri.
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I, personally, would not take it that high unless you like it well done. Remember, there is going to be around a 10° carryover after you're done cooking it. 


Rare 120-125°F - Red interior which may fade to pink at the outermost edges

Medium Rare 130-135°F - Pink with a deeper, nearly red center

Medium 135-140°F - Mauve, uniformly colored interior

Well-done 145°F+ - Brown, no pink

Remember to try Chef JimmyJ's recipe for Smokey Au Jus. It is fantastic! http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/121418/looking-for-chef-jimmyjs-smokey-au-jus-recipe


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Well 45min/per pound, what temp are you going to run the Mini at? Can't give you a time without a pit temp. At 225 it's gonna take longer than at 325... Marinating or not marinating? Bringing the slab up to room temp before or not? Are you going to dry age it or just go straight from the fridge to fire? I've found dry aged cook faster than those that aren't. Need more specifics!

With that rant done the mini, loaded with cherry and pecan will turn that roast into a very delectable meal. I'd pull at 130, we like ours a bit more rare. I'd also set up a pan of smokey Au jus below the roast cause it's awesome!!
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I'll second Dirtsailor's suggestion of cherry & pecan. That is a great combination with beef roast.

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Cook time for loins like a Ribeye aren't determined by weight, but rather by thickness of the loin at it's shortest dimension.   In this case, it would be it's height.   @225 or thereabouts, it will probably take around 4 hours.       Put a temp probe in and monitor the cook and adjust cooking temps as needed to hit your target time.   I've had times where I turned it up to 250 to finish quicker, and also times that  I dropped temp down to <200 to slow the cook down.     That said, try to stay under 260 chamber temp.



As to what internal temp to take it to initially, that depends on what "temp" you like your meats, i.e. rare, mid rare, medium, yada, yada, yada.     Also, if you want to do a reverse sear on it to get a nice crust, you'd want to pull it about 10 degrees sooner.


I like my Prime Rib to be just between rare and mid rare, so I pull it at 127ish.   If I opt for a reverse seer, I'll pull it about 115 and then roll it around on the hot grill to get a crust.  Put the probe back in during the seer to monitor internal temp.



A good thing to reference is BearCarver's Prime Rib threads.   You can find links to them here.





Scroll down to the "Smoked Beef" section:




Smoked Beef:






Bear likes his PR cooked just a bit more than I do, which accounts for the different IT temps.

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Edited with pics:

I smoked a rib eye today at work it took four hours at 245-250 degrees. I only took it to 120 because we cool it overnight and slice it up for French dips. I used a regular grill with the left side burner on full and my amnts on the right with the rib eye in the middle. We don't have a real smoker at my part time job so we use what we got.

I once took down some ohia chunks and smoked a prime using that as my flavor wood and it turned out AMAZING!!! When I pulled it off I cut a small piece off for the chef to try. I literally dropped the plate and walked back to my fish cutting area and the dude was right behind me and wanted to know how I did that.

I trim off the top 'lip' so that my seasoning are on the meat and not that lip that will pull back as the roast cooks taking most of the seasonings with it.
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I am not marinating - like to run mini @ 230 and wanted more of a medium because cooking for others. Should I tie it up for more even cook?
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Originally Posted by Joopster View Post

I am not marinating - like to run mini @ 230 and wanted more of a medium because cooking for others. Should I tie it up for more even cook?



If you run at that low a temp with a diffuser, no need to tie it up.   You should still get consistent "edge to edge" color.  At higher temps like 300, of if you use direct heat (no diffuser), then you'd want to tie it up and rotate it while cooking.

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I agree with Demo (above) on about all of what he said.

Such as Prime Rib, which is actually what a Ribeye Roast is has to be timed by thickness, not weight-----A12 pounder won't take much longer than a 5 Pounder, if they are both the same thickness.


Also if you want it Pink from Bark to Bark, don't go much over 250*--260* smoker temp-----Too much heat will give you gray meat around the circumference & Pink in the Center.


Mine take 4 1/2 hours but I go to about 133* to 137* with 220* smoker temp. When you use that low heat the carry-over is only about 6*.


I never tie a Prime Rib up, unless it's falling apart to begin with.


My Prime Rib Step by Steps that "Demo" was so nice to post (above) have all kinds of Tips included in them, if you're interested.




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Wrapped and in cooler til dinner...
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