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I am new to smoking and have been reading all the posts on smoking a pork butt. Tried one on Labor day. It was a 4# rubbed it with mustard and rub the day before. I have a brinkmann electric gourmet smoker. I added wood chunks for the first 3 hours or so and then left it alone to reach internal temp of 205. Only time I opened lid was to spray with apple juice about every hour. It took almost 14 hours to reach temp and the bark on the outside was thick and VERY dark. Inside was moist and tasty. Is this about how long it should take? And what about the thick bark and dark color? Thanks for any input.
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Sounds like the cooking temps were too low??

Read post #16

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A 4Lb Butt at 225 should take 8 to 10 hours max. There are exceptions, but if all running well, 2 hour/Lb should be pretty close...JJ

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