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hi all been busy making a new coal basket acquired some expanded metal just need a few welds around the base and some feet,

 still looking for ideas for grill fixings do i just use nuts and bolts or what about adjustable shelving bracket any ideas?

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You can attach the grate to the bottom of the expanded metal with tie wire. Just sew it in there. Nuts and bolts for feet and don't forget the ash pan. You want 3 or 4 inches between the pan and the bottom of your basket for airflow and room for the ash. I have two levels of grates in mine and really only use the lower one in case I am using a drip pan or water pan. If you have the standard flat lid make sure you have 12 inches or so to the top grate so you can fit a turkey or large ham in there. If you have a kettle lid you can just go right below the top lip. Most of us use machine bolts and nuts to hold the grates up. I have seen adjustable shelves on some builds but there again finding them without toxic coatings might be difficult. Hope this helps. I did not weld anything on mine. Been working for 3 years plus no problems.

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thanks timberjet i think the bolt idea is the easiest to do, as for spacing i have two lids one a conventional one that came with drum but also have a stainless steel lid of a steamer,that has a bend in it will post up 



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Hello John.  That UDS is looking good.  Like that lid.  The bolts to hold the grills are the way to go.  Quick and easy.  timberjet is correct with leaving about 12-14" from top grill to lid in case you want to do a whole turkey or such.


I hope we can convince you to come to next years meet.  Your UDS may not be portable but no worries.  Some of us fools make enough food to feed an army.  Come along, bring your partner, get to know some REALLY great folks and have a fantastic weekend.  Keep Smokin!


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If your lid that came with the drum has bung holes in it like an oil drum has then you don't need to do anything extra for top venting and you can use the plugs to seal it up when you are done. If you use the steamer lid you will have to rig up some sort of vent that you can seal up. You want that baby air tight when you seal it.

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Hi all just had a   no food smoke,not had chance to drill a hole for the chimney so just let the smoke escape around the side, my next question to my TEAM of advisers what charcoal make do you use eg asda /aldi best or something else.


average temp with no vent 174 c not much charcoal in 


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Am with Dave here.  Heat beads.  Don't forget the discount at wowbbq.


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Originally Posted by KC5TPY View Post

Am with Dave here.  Heat beads.  Don't forget the discount at wowbbq.


Ah Wade converted you then ?

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Originally Posted by Osprey2 View Post

Ah Wade converted you then ?


Lol - Once you have tried the Heat Beads (and like Danny, learned to have a little patience when lighting them) you will not go back to the cheap briquettes - except maybe for grilling...

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hi all just awaiting my delivery of my webber grill,wow bbq with our group discount (thanks) have done two smokes,how many would you do before cooking ?

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Hello John.  You wasted 1!!!  :icon_biggrin:  Just teasin.  One season smoke is usually all you need.  Get some meat or that dude and see how she goes!  Good luck! Don't forget the picts of the smoke!


Others can do what they will, I don't care.  I refuse to let this Group be formal.  Let's just talk.  I want this first one to be the best.  You have given me no info.  Were you able to hold temp?  Do you have a dual probe therm?  If so then test it before the cook so to make sure it is correct.  For your first try I advise chicken leg quarters an maybe some burgers.  I know what the British think, BBQ chicken without pre cooking in the oven?  You should have seen the faces of folks when I pulled a 17kg. brisket off the smoker the first time.  They were convinced it was pre cooked.  Luckily I had witnesses.  The first smoke is about learning to control temps in YOUR smoker.  Each can be different.  Chicken leg quarters can go 1 of 3 ways.  Under done - finish it in the oven.  Over done and dry - oh well lesson learned.  Just right!  Cheap meat to learn on.  Hold your temp floating around 150c.  A little higher is better.  Should take 45 minutes to 1 hourish.  Check the juices are running clear.  Folks may tell you different.  I have done this a time or 2.  Any thing else you may want to know please ask.  Keep Smokin!


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Danny's advice is good.


A general roast is also good for a first time as you can cook it at normal oven temperatures - 180C - 220C. Prepare in the same way as you would for the oven but place it over a foil tray in the centre of the Weber using indirect heat. By just cracking the bottom vents and maybe half closing the top vents the BBQ should stabilise at about 180-200C. Cook the meat by internal temperature not time - it will usually take less time than you expect. Good meats for a first time roast like this are pork loin, any beef roasting joint, lamb and even whole chickens. You will not get true BBQ low-and-slow result this way but you should notice the smokey flavour and it will be carved like a normal oven cooked joint. It will help build your confidence by cooking something familiar but in the BBQ instead of the oven the first couple of times. Once you get that confidence then you can start to experiment with lowering the cooking temperatures and extending the cooking times.


A good digital thermometer is also essential. Old die-hards like Danny can tell when things are cooked simply by becoming "at one" with the smoking gods, however for us mere mortals having a thermometer to let us know the exact moment the meat has reached the perfect internal temperature is much more reassuring.

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Now Wade!  Don't mess with the Great Smoking Gods!  You won't get a smoke ring!  :ROTF  Wade is absolutely right.  Cook to an IT and let the time take care of itself.  Keep Smokin!


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Hi guys thanks for the confidence boost, i have a digital temp gauge, i did a season, at the moment i haven't drilled a hole for the lid the lid does leak around the edges i need to look at a chimney design, any suggestions,yes i know not the biggest cook off in the world :sausage:

ps ignore the grill just a temp until me webber arrives


















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Hello.  Hey! no matter what you cook.  It's about temp control.  Keep Smokin!


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well folks last night  i discovered a chicken in the fridge so guess what well you a right a quick look on here for a basic brine hey presto one chicken ready to go for our tea, wish me luck , went to b&q this morning whilst wife went shopping ,bbq stuff with big discounts so had a little spend, its so addictive this Hobby(is it a hobby?) the wife thinks i'm possessed, just wait til she tastes that chicken , a few photos of my bulk spend (not)







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That beer can holder looks like some kind of medieval instrument of torture - Lol

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Hello John.  Hope that chicken turns out GREAT!  The wife usually figures you are nuts until they have that first taste of smoked meat.  After that watch out!  They start "requesting" you to smoke stuff.  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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well guys its out the uds having a rest 


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