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1 pork slab

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First time ever doing just one slab, usually 3 or more. Now that were completely empty nesters. I see a lot of first's in the smoker nowadays. lol  Just put this one slab in at 10am at 235 with 50/50 hic and apple using amps. Finishing pics to come

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Got room for me?  :drool

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Here's my plate. Dana had a salad w/ nuts I'm allergic....thank god i'm not gay.................lmao

No ring  but the flavor was there thanks for looking

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Looks like a nice smoke to me ! icon14.gif
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Hell ya. What cooker did you use?

I only cook for 2 too.
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Yummy looking meal!!!



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Thanks guys. Used a Mes 40 with a new mod element 800w to 1200w and amps 50/50 apple/hickory

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