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Traditional or modern?

Poll Results: Charcoal or electric

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Hi, I am a chef in the uk looking at starting up a pulled pork business, and I was hoping to tap into the knowledge that you across the pond have been honing for a lot longer than us.  


I was wondering if there was a reason to go for the traditional smoker, using charcoal, or if the electric smokers can match it with a lot less work and hassle.  


Any other thoughts surrounding this topic would be muchly appreciated.

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Hi bobbull, their seems to be a lot of these companies showing up at shows and music festivals, that I deliver portable cod stores to.

Look at joking the UK Forum, lots of friendly people on their.

Smokin Monkey
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Please read my side-by-side comparison of charcoal/wood vs. Electric/smoke-pellets. Make up your own mind.

Charcoal/wood smokers can be made to be less labor intensive with a stoker of some sort (as was done in the test below).

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