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Scorpion peppers

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My Trinidad Scorpion peppers are just about ripe. Not bad for the first time growing them.
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What are the plans? Hot sauce? Drying?
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I plan on drying them and then grinding (carefully in a well ventilated area) into powder. I generally take various hot peppers and make my own powder that I give to the guys I work with. Some will be smokes and dried and others just dried.


Last year at Christmas I made a batch with 8 or 9 different peppers with different ranges of flavor and hotness and it was great. So they are now waiting for more.

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Sounds awesome I've got some habeneros growing might try the same.
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Ok, so Scorpion peppers are done growing (I got 9 good size ones).


So I also had the following growing and picked:

Habaneros  - 6

Thai Chili - 20+_

Scotch Bonnet - 8

Ghost - 8

Cayenne 12+


I bought some:

Hungarian Hot - 12

Habaners - 24


All of these were dehydrated and then ground into a powder (make sure to do this outside, just WOW)


I now have all of this is a glass jar and need to do something with it. I made some quick tomato salsa the other day and sprinkled a bit in and it was hot (as expected).


I am thinking of making a nice rub with it for those that like a little heat.

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Yep, strong pepper powder is a great thing to have on hand. Making it can be like stepping into a phone booth with an open tear gas canister.

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Hmmmmm yeah....I'd make a nice paste using some olive oil and add (starting small) enough powder to get the heat level you like. Then, it's easily duplicated again. Rub the paste all over a nice butt or chucky and smoke away....pure goodness with no additives...Willie

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once my nights get cool enough I was thinking about cold smoking some cream cheese and then blending some of the powder with it for a nice spread.


I think some cold smoked butter with the powder would be good on some popcorn also.

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