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Full Smoker last weekend! With qview

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Hello all, we had family visiting over the weekend so I figured up the Smoker on Saturday.

First up Canadian Bacon

I had a 2.5lb hunk of pork on in the freezer that came from a pig I bought from a local farmer. I cured the pin for 3 days using a recipe from ruhlman on as a launching point.

Ready to go

Of the Smoker

Test slice!


For a snack while everything was cooking I stuffed some mushrooms with mozzarella and not Italian sausage.


Ready to eat

Money shot!

I'm a rib person so I had to cook some spares

Rubbed and ready

I forgot to take a picture right off the Smoker so here they are being cut.

Mmmm meaty

My wife doesn't eat ribs so I had to make a chicken too. I injected with mojo crillo the rubbed with evoo and a retail rub.

Rubbed and ready

Cooked and cut

Extra notes.
I cooked the ribs for 5.5hrs without wrapping. These are the best spares I've done. I finished them by glazing with sweet baby ray's on a low grill.

The shrooms took 1.5 hrs and we're a delicious snack.

The chicken was as chicken is and will be done again exactly the same.

The Canadian Bacon was a huge hit when I made eggs Benedict the next morning. I have to do this again!

Everything was speed using some Jack Daniels barrel chips I had shutting around.

Here is my setup

Thanks for looking

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Looks like a damn fine bunch o food!!!   Nice job



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All I can say is , YUMMO :icon_exclaim: That looks Marvelous :drool


Happy cooking and . . .

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Amazing idea with the mushrooms!! I am packing up my son and heading to the meat market to get casings to make sausage. I might have to leave some out and give that a shot!

Thanks for sharing!

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Looks like you have to all going..

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Looks great! I'm getting ready to fire up for the first. Time in a month. Great inspiration pics.
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Thanks for the responses. Doing a butt on Monday, hopefully will remember to take pics.
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