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My first smoke on new wsm

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Well here is my new toy I did a lot of research on a good starting smoker that wouldn't break the bank and still produce a quality smoked product. So I went with the Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5 inch it is small but dynamite comes in a small package. I am a young guy with a family of 4 and I have found a lot of smokers that were cheap but needed a lot of mods to preform better that's one reason I went with the wsm. Another reason is its easy to transport and doesn't use a lot of fuel which is great for my small family. When I first got it I got a fire started and burned it as hot as I could to burn off all that manufacture grease and gunk.

My first smoke was yesterday it was a 3 pound pork loin for lunch I used a store bought applewood season, I smoked it at 225 for 1 1/2 hours . For the first smoke and me learning the new smoker it did amazing I got it dialed in the 225 and it would stay -5 to + 5 degrees. Now I sure once I have used it more I can get it a little more dialed in but for the first time I was very pleased. I am a novice at smoking I grew up smoking mostly brisket on my friends dad's smoker but nothing like the wsm. I can't wait to do some more smokes on it and I will post the results of those to try an spread the knowledge from some one that's just now starting to any other first timers.

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Wow - that looks delicious!

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Awwww..... what a cute little WSM! :biggrin:


Grats and welcome to the dark side! The WSM is a great smoker. I have had my 22.5" WSM for many years now and it has never once let me down. I was just chuckling at the size of that one compared to the 22.5", but as long as it works you can't go wrong with them!

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Congrats on the WSM!  I love mine.  If you have not already, learn the minion method for burning your charcoal.  Great method to get the smoker fired up as well as slow burning and maintaining temps.

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That looks really tasty..



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