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My First Bone In Pork Loin (Lot of Q View)

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Well I bought my first 7 pound bone pork loin to try, took the skin off the back as you would do ribs of course, no body wants to eat that nasty thing.



It wasn't French out so I did that my first time at that as well not to bad.


Light coating with olive oil, and I put salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and some sage on both sides and ends.


I wanted to do a quick sear on the outside.


Sear is done, just put it on the smoker.


Sitting nicely around 225°


I smoked it for around 3 hours, until the IT reached around 130°


I let it rest in some foil for about 30 minutes while I made some side dishes


After resting I cut some chops out of it, and made a honey glaze sauce, and grilled them till done, glazing both sides.



I did some real baby carrots, with some sauté baby bella mushrooms, added a little of parmesan cheese to them.


My plating could of been better, I was very disappointed in myself for that I wanted it to be more elegant but I'm no professional so I will keep trying and improve every time, but the food was great, the pork flavor with that honey glaze was outstanding.


I will be doing this one again and making the plating better.




Thanks for looking everyone, please comment on changes, improvements ect....

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Looks like a great meal. I'd sit down to that any time.

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I'll take 2 chops with all the fixings please :drool

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Oh man looks perfect to me.. I didn't even see the plate.. Only the food !! Ha
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Thanks everyone, it turned out really good, I want to do another one soon and get the plating right. OCD with food sucks lol.

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