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1st pork loin

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Getting ready to smoke my first pork loin. Rubbed it down with a rub recipe I found online. Going to use applewood for the smoke and smoke around 220. Any tips or suggestions? Thinking about using some apple juice to rub on it throughout the smoke process. How often should I do this and after how long? Thanks


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I wouldn't use the apple juice. You have to open the door and it will wash off your rub.

Happy smoken.


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I wouldn't bother with mopping or spritzing. Cook your loin to an IT of 145. Pull it off the smoker and wrap in heavy foil and let it rest for 45min-1hour then slice and serve.

If you have some peach or apricot preserves/jam you could make a simple glaze to put on the loin. Mix preserves with a bit of apple juice, Thai chile or Serrano garlic salt pepper. Simmer to reduce.

When your IT hits 135 put the glaze on top. Take loin to 145. Wrap and rest. Slice and serve.
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While this is too late for this smoke. I like wrapping pork loins in bacon and smoking. The bacon adds a nice touch. Smoking to 145F yields a uber moist pork loin
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