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gypsy sausage

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I purchased a few links of Kiełbasa cygańska from a local Polish grocery store and I thought it was very good.  (a bit of cayenne would be nice ) 


After doing a bit of searching I can not find a recipe, can anyone point me to a source or share one with us?  It reminds me of Wedding sausage, maybe a bit more coarse in texture.



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New one on me?


Spent some time on Google?


Had trouble finding anything in a language I could understand.


There must be some info out there somewhere.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Try this out and see if it helps.



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Google and Meat & Sausages were the first places I looked.  I also checked in the Marianski and Tytek Kutas books, no joy.  Google does show me retail sites and recipes using it so I know it is real.


Not a big deal, I just don't like not being able to find the recipe. 

post #5 of 9 Here you go. All the sausage recipes you could ever want.

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Darwin, I checked the 1963 Polish Compendium of official recipes and only found a recipe for Salami Cygańskie.  Kiełbasa cygańska that is sold today in Poland is essentially a version of Hungarian Kolbasz, where the main seasonings are garlic and paprika.  Make one and you can call it kiełbasa cygańska.  If you want a bit of heat use a hot variety of Hungarian paprika.

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Szynka,  Thanks for that.  Thumbs Up


I was starting to think that the Gypsy sausage might be regional or misnamed.  I will do a bit of research on the Hungarian Kolbasz when I get back home.



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I researched the ingredients used in a number of the commercially produced Polish gypsy sausages and learned that in many ways they are unique,  Some did not even contain paprika.  Others called any sausage with a blackish finish (probably by smoking with conifers), gypsy sausage.  Perhaps if you post on the Polish site of Wedliny Domowe, one of the experts there will guide you.  One thing I did note was that beef was used in some products.

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That was the first place I look for Polish recipes, but I never noticed they had a forum.  The one I purchased was a bit simple in flavour, mostly garlic with a hint of paprika and maybe marjoram.

I do think this store is getting their sausages from the Chicago area.


Thanks for your assistance, it is appreciated.

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