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So here is my mods on my 5050

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After a year of trying all sorts of configurations
I finally got it and I want to share it with all of you.
I bought a horizon convection plate (16inch) it was a little long by a inch so I had a friend of mine cut it.
But it wasn't sitting in the right level. It was below the opening of the fire box. So I bought
A box of Rutland fire bricks and used the grates from the side fire box and placed the convection plate on top of them . Perfect but the heat from one end to the other still off by 50 degrees so I went to Home Depot and got two 4 x 8 x3/16 Steel plates to cover the holes on the right. Much better but I was still loosing heat along the sides and at the firebox end
So I had the heat shields from the propane side ( that I modified also)and used them to support and block the loss of heat..
Now it is even side to side. Almost like a semi RF...
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It's a good feeling when you get the heat evened out. It took me a lot of searches on the web and this forum to get all my mods straight. But when you get them all done, it's worth it. I really enjoy smoking on my chargriller.

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Yes sir
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