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Wow, looks good but 23.5 hours for a 9 pounder seems an awful long time. If you were using the thermometer built into the controller then you may have been cooking at a lower temp. I would suggest that you look into getting something like a Maverick ET732 or ET733. 


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I agree with the other folks question about why did you think it was just good.  Also as a newbie, I would love to know your rub.  I think basting adds more flavor.  I did a pork but also and inserted liguid into it before the smoke then basted the butt with the same marinad as I smoked it.  It came out descent but not the best thing I ever ate yet.  I'm sure I need to work on my rub and sauce / marinade.


On a possitive note, the roast did look great.  Nice job.

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The pork butt was very good, I'm not sure it was the best I ever had. It was juicy, but I think a finishing sauce would had added to the flavor. My wife and kids really enjoyed it. I used a local rub that one of our meat stores makes and sells. It was very good.


Also, the bottom of the butt had a thick layer of fat that I trimmed off prior to applying the rub and adding to the smoker. Should I have trimmed it or leave it as is?

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Looks good zx24! I always trim the fat cap off mine. I do leave a very thin layer in some areas as you can see in the pic below. The more exposed rubbed meat (not fat) will create a better bark ideally from what I have learned. The butt will have enough fat on the inside to keep it moist. As my brother explained to me on my first butt when I asked him why I would cut the fat cap off, won't that make it dry? His response was "if your pork butt doesn't have enough fat on the inside to keep it moist, you prolly bought a pork loin and your an idiot"....gotta love big brothers haha. I cut the cap off and have loved everyone I have ever smoked. I also use Strawberry's seasoning from Holcomb, MO (bout 30 miles from where I am from) and can't bring myself to try another rub. You can find it online if you wanna give it a try. Good luck!

Trimmed with small layer of fat.

Rubbed with Strawberry's

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