Chicken halfs

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Whole chicken split olive oil and Jeff's rub under the skin
Using hickory splits in my 5050
235 and using apple beer in my water pan
Just waiting for 165. Almost there
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That chicken looks really good, did you get plated pics?

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Sorry no plated pictures. But I put it on the grill for ten to crisp up the skin. It was moist but not very exciting , the
Taste was kinda bland even though I brined it and used Jeff's rub.
Got thumbs down from the family. I guess I will stick to pork and beef
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Update. So I took the left over chicken pulled it mixed it with Jeff's sauce in a frying pan put it on a tortilla with smoked Gouda. The fam couldn't get enought
I guess chicken is back on the menu
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Wow, I'm really surprised. It looked and sounded great. I use Jeff's rub and sauce and smoked some great chicken. I smoke mine at 300 degrees and use peach wood splits and cook to 175. I wouldn't totally give up on chicken though. Give it another shot.

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Chicken halves has to be one of my next smokes. Looks good.
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