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Short Ribs

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Picked up a couple cryovac'd packages of these having never seen them before in my local store. Having never even attempted beef ribs of any sort I thought I'd share my adventure and hopefully get some tips on the way. Will be smoking these on my Chargriller pellet grill with Cookingpellets perfect mix for my fuel. Plan on rubbing them with evoo and Totonka dust and smoking at 225 using the 3-2-1 method but may shorten the time depending on how they cook. Making some bbq sauce now for the end product as well as getting some ABT's ready. Made a batch of Dutch's wicked baked beans minus the sugar yesterday so that will be an accompaniment to the ribs. Thanks for looking.


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They ended up looking like this unpackaged.



And Like this after being rubbed with Tatonka dust.





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Looks good so far.


Happy smoken.


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My mouth is already watering. Should be done by now. Patiently waiting for pics.
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They definetly cooked a lot faster than I anticipated and due to their size and rightfully so. Also if you ever have cooked on a pellet grill/smoker there are temperature swings when the auger is feeding firepot and when it's not so I was running between 225-247 at the grate. Anyway only got one picture of the finished product wish I had more. They were very tender and flavorful but a little fattier than I'd hoped for.



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Looks good to me.
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If you don't like them, feel free to send them to me!



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Good looking short ribs Nate! How are you liking the flavor of the Tatonka Dust seasoning?
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