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Keeping ribs fresh

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What are the best ways to keep ribs fresh ? Example, Smoke 5 racks today for a family function, 2 racks leftover, do you freeze them and thaw and use another day ?

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I vacuum seal and freeze. to reheat I put the bags in simmering water. Just as good as the day they were smoked.

This is pulled pork reheating.


Happy smoken.


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Vac seal.......reheat.  Sometimes I do them in the oven and sometimes on my grill. 



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Another fan of Vacuum sealers for storing cooked meat.  Also using vacuum sealer on un-cooked meat with rub applied.  It seems to assist in the absorption of some of the rub flavors. 

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Yup - Vac seal is your friend. I load my smoker about once a month with a bunch of meats, then portion and vac seal them for later consumption. One suggestion on ribs - cut the racks in half, makes it easier to heat them in a pot of water if you use that method. You can reheat several half racks at a time.

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Vac-n-Wrap for me too Thumbs Up

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