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Thrifty's Weekend Ribfest w/Q-View

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Fired up my trusty ol' ECB for slabs of ribs. Smoked at 225-230 with cherry wood chunks.  Hardwood charcoal as fuel.   Used the 3-2-1 method as a base with Jeff's Rub and the modified Johnny Trigg basting formula.



Getting Ribs Ready



Smoked Perfection




No leftovers, of course......

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Well thanks for making me hungrier than I am :drool  look mighty fine. 

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With Jeff and Trigg style ribs, how could you go wrong. Great job!!!
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Tasty looking ribs! Nice Smoke!
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Great pullback on those ribs. Nice smoke ring also. Now I gotta do some ribs.. :drool

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Great looking ribs, good job. What was the modified Triggs formula??

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Outstanding looking rack, fella!

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Congrats on the front Page listing. Great ribs..



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THAT is the way we love ribs.. Fall off the bone. I know I would not enjoy competition cooked ribs, they seem like their always pulling the meat off with their teeth
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