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Disc Cookers

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If this question is not allowed mods feel free to delete it... Im building some disc cookers or Cowboy Woks and was wondering if anyone knows of a place to order unfinished disc blades w.o the holes or paint... Agri-supply does not have them that I can find...appreciate any help..
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It is my understanding that the whole thing started with guys getting worn out disks from farmers, welding the holes shut and turning Free into Profit...Is this feasible for you?...JJ

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They are tough to find without the holes. There are a few places in the mid west that sell the without the holes. I don't have the links handy. They aren't cheap, by the time you figure the shipping. Honestly it's cheaper to get a one with a hole and have a welder ( if you don't weld) close up the hole. They used to be fairly cheap at scrap yards around ag-communities. But with the price of metal and artistic crafting they aren't as cheap anymore. The last one I picked up 26" dia was $25, but now more like $50 here.
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There are no used discs around here anymore when scrap went up sky high all the farmers/scrappers took them to cash in...Ive built 3-4 from the ones with the holes in them its just a pain to weld them shut and then burn/grind the finish off of them... not sure what they use for finish but its some tuff stuff, even after burning them its a pain to get off, adds alot of time to making them..
As far as shipping goes its gotten crazy, agri-supply wants 27.00 to ship one disc, even thouth the disc was only 26.00...if you find any links to the holeless disc would greatly appreciate it, might look into getting a quantity buy discount if there is such a thing anymore..
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