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This was a great thread.  A chart of pros and cons.  That my friend is dedication and  huge help to those who are torn between the two methods, especially for their first smoke.  I have done both, foiling mostly out of necessity (time constraints) and I'd have to say when I have made it for friends and family, they really love the crispy, caramelized bark.  I have also made pulled pork and had to reheat later with finishing sauce or apple juice and it ends up being the same effect as foiled, a juicier, sometimes more flavorful end product and thats awesome too.   Variety is the spice of life and the key to good eating.  My vote is foiled, unfoiled, pulled, sliced, dry rubbed, wet rubbed...whatever your heart desires.  Again, great post!

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Knifebld , where did all that lovely fat cap go:icon_question: Let me guess , 86ed it huh...


That would have a great effect on the moisture factor.


Here's a shot of     some I've done with absolutely no foil and with the lid closed the entire cook . . .


 out 'on'foil to rest before I smash it up . . .


 Oh, and some more . . .


They all smushed - up like this one and juicy as seen here :drool


The difference is in not peeking .Loss of time and patience . . .


This is JMHO on smoking My Butt . fun and  . .

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2thumbs.gif Great post Chad! I have been wrapping mine and have done a few. I pull them and was not tooo worried about bark. I think the next one I'll uncover after covering for awhile and try to get some bark to harden up some to add that flavor to the rest. It has to be moist in my book for the recipes we use the pulled pork in. That was a great read, Thanks for making such a good post!



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Nice post about the pros and cons,glad it got a bump. Pulled pork poutine ?,OMG sounds devine !

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I was on my phone earlier so I couldn't give you the....

points.gif thingamabobby!

Great smoke... Both ways! I love when guys do these comparisions .
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I'm still trying to figure out how I missed this thread. I'm always trolling for pulled pork porn!a38.gif


And, I hate the thought of letting something like this slip by when points are in order (and well deserved).


I especially love these side-by-side comparisons. Great job, well planned out.

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