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Just curious ....

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I don't ever see myself doing a competition, but do judges like ribs that fall off of the bone or ribs that you cut and chew off the bone. The reason I ask is that usually mine turn out such that I cut them and eat off of the bone, but this weekend I wrapped them in foil with some apple juice and spices. They tasted incredible but they fell apart as I up-wrapped and tried to put them back on the grate.


Like I said.... just curious.

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Hey Racer,


Judges typically judge on ribs that have a little tug (i.e. do not fall off the bone). In my family we love fall off the bone ribs which is why I always foil mine with some butter and brown sugar.


However, I am planning on joining a few amateur competitions next over the fall I will be trying to get the proper tug for the judges.



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Thanks for the response !

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