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... and hardly any post their cooks.

OK, I'll give you a tease-









cheeseburger bacon bombs made with sour cream glazed donut holes from Tim Horton's, the bacon is thin cut and coated with maple sugar. Bet you can't eat just one:icon_lol:.


Come on everyone, post more cook pics here.

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Forget the taste, send us an invite!

Ok, in fairness first trial of my WSM yesterday:
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Not to be left out of the NE group  challenge............here is a shot of some CB and some PP.  Tasted good!!  (While it lasted!)



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Feel like I'm at the Big E

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So fun to see!!!


I grilled fantastic eggplant and made an octopus salad today (Greek fare that wasn't smoked but delicious nonetheless) and here that is!


Cheers to all and happy new week!!!!! - Leah



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And only in New England can you be sunbathing on the back porch at 1:20 pm and find it so hot that you fear you're burning and so you come inside; (which I did today), only to then see the same day's HAIL come clomping down, (photos taken just a few minutes ago), circa 3:30.


How is one to even manage a wardrobe, a smoker, and a grill, with such weather changes?


AHHH, that's actually easy!




Cheers and happy Thursday to all! - Leah



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Well , I have to plead guilty to not posting my cooks in the New England group section , but I don't want to be redundant....but here's some London broil I did not too long ago.
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Hey Hambone, I bet that was delicious! And here's to a fabulous (and beautiful New England) new week! Cheers! - Leah