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howdy !

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Howdy fellow smokers ! New guy here from Arkansas, since I travel around the country for work I drag my ol trusty ecb around and use it every chance I get. I've been a stalker here for some time and figured I'd join in the fun !
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Welcome to the board! What kind of work has you on the road?

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I work in oilfield construction , currently in Douglas Wyoming . We stay in alot of campgrounds and end up making lots of friends when the ol cheapo fires up !
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Welcome to the forum, flip. Good to have you aboard. Lots of good folks and good info here. All the best to you.
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Welcome to the group. Even being on the road to work still nice to have good Q without having to hunt around for a place and hope it's good. Nothing better then doing it yourself and the way you like it. Good luck and keep smoking.

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Howdy to you !!!  and welcome to the site.


Gary S

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