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Frontier hardwood lump

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I was in my local SAMs club and they had
Frontier hardwood lump 20lbs for $8.00!!
So I had to get a bag. Anyone ever tryed it?
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I do like the flavor of Frontier but it has been running $13.99 at Lowes. I've started stocking up when I'm 'in town' and our Sams has Cowboy for $9.99, haven't used it yet but I hear its a little better than Frontier. Being a hardwood its can be a little tempermental to light but has a good flavor and a decent smell.


At $8 per bag, there would be several on their way to a garage attached to my house.

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Monday am
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My Sams Club has it for $9.98

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Just my opinion, but everytime I try different brands of lump, I come to the conclusion I should have stuck with royal oak. It seems to work the best for me.
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I've only used Royal Oak a few times here and there over the years and generally liked it, but I recently picked up a bag at Menards, think it said natural or something, (they didn't have the red bag) and it burned very quickly and didn't I like either the flavor or smell. Now the little I have left just sits in the bin, I'll have to mix it up with some of the Frontier.

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