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Best brisket yet!!

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Been trying to improve my Brisket skills, so thought I'd give it another whirl. Gonna call this one the FrankenBear Brisket, in homage to Bearcarver & Mr. Franklin of Austin fame. Picked up a nice flat, about 7 lbs., and coated it with thick worcestershire sauce (they call it Bold Steak Sauce now), then a simple SPOG rub. Into the frig overnight to get happy.





Up at 5 am, and fired up the Yoder. Pitmasters choice in the hopper, and hickory in the AMAZN tube.




Smoked it for about 6 hours at 225 to an IT of 150, then wrapped in brown paper bag (can't seem to find the good 'ol brown butcher wrap around here). Back into the smoker for another 5 hours. Pulled it at 200, and promptly spilled grease and juice all over the deck. Oh well, it's a small one, and decks can be redone.... Into a cooler for a rest. Waited the longest hour of my life, and opened my prize.





Sliced 'er up, and got busy. Smoke flavor was great, good bark. ends were a bit dry, but the middle was delectable. Melt-in-your-mouth tender. I'm thinkin if all that juice that wound up on the deck had made it back in, Aaron Franklin would be proud!  Well,  here's wishing..



Made Brisket tacos the next nite from the leftovers, doesn't get much better than this!!    Happy smoking to all-

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Looks Great, Mbogo!!Thumbs Up


Shame you lost the Au Jus!!:icon_rolleyes:


Still looks Mighty Tasty!!:drool:drool


And Thanks for the tip on the "Lee & Perrins Bold Steak Sauce". Been looking for the "Thick" for a long time.




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That's a fine looking brisket! Great Smoke!
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Thanks Bear, Yeah, I almost wanted to lick the deck, but the dog beat my to it. (Thank god for spellcheck..)   The sauce seems to be the exact same stuff, really works great. I think it helps with the bark a bit, too.


Thanks Dirtsailor, I think there may be another one in the not-too-distant future!

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Tasty looking brisket Mbogo, nice smoke ring!

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Mmmmm looks juicy and delicious!
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