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Newbie In Chicago/ Camp Chef Dlx purchase

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Hello everyone! Looks like a great forum, I've been interested in getting into cooking with smokers. I currently have an electric Weber Bullet style smoker. Have mainly cooked turkey's with using varies fruit woods, and water trays with different liquids and fruits in it with good results. The electrical connection has been coming loose and cycling the heat.... Not good. So I figured its time to step it up.

Between this excellent site and my friends (customer of mine) site Amazing Ribs, I should be able to educate myself on some excellent cooking methods.

My next purchase is looking to be a Camp Chef DLX pellet cooker. It appears to have good reviews and I really like the dual thermostats for monitoring cook temps and meat temps.

See you all in the forums grilling_smilie.gif
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Welcome to SMF. I learn something new here, every time I poke around! :welcome1:

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Hello and welcome to the forum


Gary S

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