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First Brisket on Weber Kettle & Pitmaster IQ

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Cook details:
*10lb packer brisket trimmed to 8.75lb
*injected with half can low sodium beef broth
*added rub
*started cook @ 11pm
* Smoker temp @ 205
* wrap brisket @ IT of 165
*pull wrapped brisket off smoker @ IT of 203.
*let rest in cooler for 2 hrs.
*seperate point from flat to make burnt ends.
*cube point into 1 inch cubes render down juices from foil, add a little of your favorite bbq sauce and toss cubes in sauce mixture.
*put burnt ends back on smoker @250 for 90 mins.
*slice flat and enjoy!

Here is a 10lb Packer brisket that I will be smoking on my Weber Kettle 22.5 and the pitmaster IQ.


Here are a few pics of my Weber Kettle Smoker set up. I made a charcoal maze out of some fire bricks, so I could do a nice long smoke while maintaining very stable chamber temps.


Here is a pic of the Brisket after injection of a half can of low sodium beef broth and some rub.


More Q-View to follow.
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Oh yeah! I'm so in on this one...


I'm planning on doing a brisket in my kettle for the Aug. throwdown...

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Started brisket @ 11pm smoker @ 205 degrees, woken up @6:30 am when the smoker temp dropped to 195, went out checked smoker and it had burned through almost all the coals. I added more charcoal, cherry wood and refilled the water pan and went back to bed.

@ 9:30 am IT temp was @ 165 and ready to wrap. So that was a good 7 hr smoke without adding charcoal, my charcoal maze worked like a charm. It took a 10.5 hr smoke to get to a IT temp of 165.

Brisket getting wrapped.

I pumped up the smoker temp to 230 and put the wrapped brisket back on to the smoker.

Here is a pic of the temperature readings at the 12hr mark.

More to follow.
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Brisket finally reached 203* total cook time = 15 hrs.

Brisket is wrapped and in a cooler for at least the next 2 hrs.

I took the drippings and poured them into a jar and set in the fridge to separate the fat from the delicious brisket juice.

I will render down the juice add some bbq sauce and coat the burnt ends with it ..then back on the smoker for 90 mins or so.

Much more step by step Q-View to follow.
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After a nice 2 hour rest in the cooler here is what the brisket looks like before I separate the point from the flat to make burnt ends.



Here is some of the brisket juice and BBQ sauce reducing on the stove top, I will be tossing the burnt ends in this sauce before putting them back on the smoker.


Cubed the Point into 1 inch cubes. Love that smoke Ring!!


Like a hot knife through butter!! 



All Cubed up and ready for sauce and rub. Good Looking Burnt Ends.



Burnt Ends tossed in Sauce and some rub ready to go back on smoker @ 250* for about 2hrs.



Burnt Ends pulled off 250* Smoker after 2 hrs.  Ready to Eat!




Didn't get any pictures of the flat , but  it had a nice smoke ring, flavor and tenderness.


Not too bad for my first brisket smoke!!  


Hope you enjoy the Q-View, please let me know if anyone has questions or comments about this post/smoke.




Big Lew BBQ

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Nicely done Lew!! Love those burnt they melted in your mouth!


You rested the point for two hours too?

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Thank you very much, yes the burnt ends were melt in your mouth good!!


Yes i rested the whole brisket flat & point for two hours in a cooler,  then I seperated the point from flat cubed the burnt ends and put the flat back in the cooler to keep warm while the burnt ends cooked.



hope this helps.




Big Lew BBQ

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Good to know Lew. I seperate the point from the flat right before resting (I do not rest the point), then proceed to cube the point and toss it back in for a few hours while the flat is resting. This way, the family can enjoy both the flat and burnt ends at the same time. :)

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I am a true believer in letting meat rest lets the juices redistribute throughout the meat. I might have done it your way but I serve the Burnt Ends as an appetizer and the flat for sandwiches or tacos.
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Same here, I did let both rest for 30 minutes before seperating. The then flat rested in a cooler for 2 hours. Did not feel the burnt ends suffered from a short 30 minute rest. :)

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